Shively Piano Studio Policy


  • Listening and Practice  

Please listen to the Suzuki repertoire and/or various classical pieces daily. Your child’s progress is directly related to the amount of listening he/she does and listening will help to make your practice time at home more effective. Parents need to help, encourage and remind (gently) daily.  A good routine helps form long-lasting practice habits.  

  • Practice Sheets

The practice sheets sent home with you each week are tools for us all to be on the same page. Please use them to keep notes during lessons then help your child track how practice at home is going by checking off what was worked on and bring them back to the lesson each week for me to look over and use as reference. Also, please bring all piano books to the lesson, I would suggest finding a small tote bag to keep all materials together.  


  • Electronic Devices and Other Distractions

It would be very appreciated and beneficial to your child if you could please put away cell phones during lessons to be fully attentive to your child’s lesson.  If the phone needs to be on, please silence it. If you need to take a call, leave the room while taking the call and return promptly. It’s important for the student to know that they have your undivided attention. Pictures and videos however, are allowed and encouraged to assist in practice time at home. If you are waiting for your lesson in the piano room you may bring in quiet toys such as books, puzzles, cards, crayons, etc. for your child to occupy himself.  Please no gameboys, tablets, ipods, or anything with headphones. We want their minds to participate in the same environment as ours. 


  • Lessons in General

 Please arrive quietly and be ready to begin at your lesson time with all your materials. Use the restroom, wash hands, get a drink of water, etc, before the lesson begins. If the previous lesson is still in session, come, sit quietly and listen. Lessons are ½ hour each. Depending on the attention span of the child, any extra time will be spent with the parent previewing future assignments.   


  • Attendance and Missed Lessons

Regular attendance is expected.   
Fall and Spring semesters both have 1 extra lesson built into the schedule to allow flexibility for emergency cancellations.   Any missed lessons after the above stated extras, parents assume financial responsibility.  If the lesson needs to be cancelled, please contact me 48 hours in advance. Students who inform me about a schedule conflict ahead of time might be able to work out a lesson swap with another student or take a different open time slot. If the student is unable to make it on account of the parent, it is encouraged to try to get the student to lesson by another means (spouse, grandparent, aunt or uncle, older sibling). If your child is sick, please do not come to lessons. Because there are a surplus of lessons during the year, “make-up lessons” will not be given.  The only missed lesson credit/refund that will be given is for teacher absence or bad weather.  

  • Million Dollar Lesson

 Any behavioral fits or tantrums will not be tolerated. If the child refuses to cooperate, neglects to take instruction or is disrespectful, the parent will be asked to take the child from the lesson into the next room to attempt to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved, the parent will then be asked to leave the lesson entirely. This is called the million dollar lesson. It helps the child learn quickly what is acceptable lesson behavior and what is grounds for removal.  

  • Tuition

Tuition may be paid either monthly or the full amount at the beginning of the Semester. 

Fall Semester: Sept - Dec $460

 Spring Semester: Jan - May - $575

Monthly tuition payments  - $115
Payments are due the first lesson of each month. 

  •  Recitals and Group Class

There are typically 2 recitals a year, one in the Fall and in the Spring. Recital participation is required of all students unless the family’s schedule makes it impossible. Group classes however are not required but highly encouraged. There are no set group classes built into the semester currently but they can be scheduled throughout the year. Details will follow should group class become available.  



For further information or questions about scheduling please contact Emily.

Facebook: @shvielypianostudio